Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Lean Green Eating Machine

Hila was never an easy eater. Nursing was impossible, early feeding with a spoon nonexistent, and even now as a toddler, she goes through phases where she just isn't interested in eating anything at all. (She also goes through phases where she'll eat anything in sight -- I like that.)

Meira is an entirely different story. Breastfeeding -- while we had a rocky start, she ended up being a super enthusiastic nurser. Early feeding with a spoon -- CHECK. Early self-feeding of finger foods -- CHECK.

But here's a problem I never experienced with Hila: Meira is ALWAYS hungry. ALWAYS. 10 minutes after she nurses, she's whiny for food. 10 minutes after she consumes a feast of food, she's whiny for more milk. If she had it her way (which sometimes she gets), she'd go from breast to food to breast to food all day long. It' do I say this without making you think that I'm not super appreciative of her enthusiasm...okay, I'll just say it: It's annoying. Really annoying.

Thank you Meira for being such a good eater, but give mommy a break, k?

(P.S. Ever seen Meira? She's tall and skinny. And here's her diet secret -- Yes, YOU too can eat all day long and still stay slim. All you need to do is exercise -- army crawl around the floor, climb up on furniture, and stand and start pushing furniture around the room. Smart kid!)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Meira: An Update

I haven't said anything about Meira lately, so let me summarize the last few months quickly:

Eating -- I am still breastfeeding -- an activity that has become natural and easy and enjoyable (yes, it's about time). Meira eats 2 solid meals a day, usually lunch and dinner -- about 1/4-1/2 cup of something, anything. Unlike Hila who I couldn't PAY to open her mouth for mushed up food, Meira is enthusiastic, eager, and not too messy. I enjoy making and storing baby food. My freezer is filled with ice cube trays of food. Yes, I'm that mom (suprisingly).

Sleeping (at night) -- She goes to bed at 7PM on the dot, every night, and wakes up at around 6:30-7AM every morning. In those 12 hours she usually wakes up twice to nurse. No, she won't take a bottle. (Though kudos (and thank you) to Menachem for trying and trying and trying, and having some success occasionally.) Occasionally she wakes up around 10PM, but we let her sort that one out herself. She's usually back asleep within 5 minutes.

Sleeping (during the day) -- She usually takes 2 naps, each about 1-2 hours. If one is less than that, then I give her a 3rd nap, which she sometimes takes. I do not nurse her to sleep anymore,  but she does sometimes go down and then cry. Again, that doesn't usually last more than 5-10 minutes. We're okay with that, for now.

Physical development -- In the tradition of other Gold-Pritzker babies (i.e. Hila), Meira is super strong. Both girls came out of the womb with their heads up, neck straight, and looking around the room. At 5 months Meira started "scooting," which she still does, quite fast, around the room and under tables. Today I saw her pull herself up to her knees! And if you put her in the standing (holding on to something, like the crib rail) or sitting position, she can stay that way for a while.

General disposition -- She is the sweetest little girl in the world. She gets upset (like if she's hungry or tired), but she's easily distractable and consolable. She does still have "cranky time" -- those "witching hours" between 5-7PM, which is not the best timing since that's when Hila is home, playing and eating and getting ready for bed herself. During that time she needs lots of attention, especially in the form of breastmilk and cuddles, but sometimes a song and dance from her doting big sister will do the trick as well.

Sounds like a keeper to me!

So far so good....

Menachem is in's just for a few days, but even the thought of taking care of these two kids stresses me out, so I wasn't looking forward to it. far so good!

First, I got Hila out of the house this morning without chocolate. Maybe your child can easily make it til 9AM without chocolate, but mine can' least not anytime in the last month or so, until today. I hadn't even thought about it at the time. It's just that things were going so smoothly, that I didn't need to bribe her at all!

Next, Hila is on a cleaning kick. Now, usually a messy house stresses me out, but around 6:30PM, Hila said, "It's clean up time," and cleaned the entire living room. There is not a single toy on the floor.

Then, unlike last night when Hila peed at 7 and then I made her pee again before bed at 8 and she couldn't and we fought for a bit (until she finally did), tonight, she peed at like 5:30, then drank a cup of chocolate milk, and then easily peed again before bed. No fights.

She brushed her teeth nicely, and in exchange, got her nightly band-aid on her invisible boo-boo. Then she wanted pasta. I didn't make her re-brush her teeth.

Hila and Meira, as usual, played so nicely together. I nursed Meira and Hila cuddled up next to us singing songs (she did that last night too, and I would love for that to become a regular thing). I put Meira to bed and she didn't cry -- just rolled over and fell asleep.

Hila asked to read in bed, and then called me in to take the books away when she was ready to sleep. She's not asleep yet, so I'm still expecting her to call me in a few more times, but that's okay.

Meanwhile, my ears/throat still hurt at night (after 2.5 weeks! -- Doc says it's a virus -- BLAH), so that's no fun, but otherwise, things are going well here.

Am I the only other army wife here who can't wait til she and her husband are 40? (I assume 40 will come before having 6 kids or becoming rich -- the other 2 exemptions from miluim.) Then again, Menachem begged the army to let him do miluim, I'm sure some technical exemption will do nothing to deter him. My husband, the Zionist hero. (Grumble.) (No, really, I am proud of him.) (Grumble.) (Really.)

He comes home tomorrow. Yes, all this was about a 3 day miluim.


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