Thursday, November 08, 2012

From Joy to Cockroaches

I woke up in such a good mood today for the following reasons:

  1. My first thought of the morning was, "Menachem gets home today!" This is after 2 solid weeks of miluim.
  2. The kids, who now share a room, both slept through the night. This has only happened one other time in the last few months. 
  3. There was the nicest, coolest breeze coming in through my windows. The weather forecast called for 79F degree weather -- the lowest it's been in about 7 months.
  4. Related to #2, the kids wore light sweaters and I wore jeans -- also the first time in about 7 months.
I took the kids to gan and then headed to the post office, lugging my backpack/computer so I could then do work at the mall. 

Things turned very sour when at the post office, a GIGANTIC cockroach climbed up my pants leg unnoticed. Bystanders said that they saw a cockroach by my feet, but that it was gone now. I said just thinking about that makes me feel like I've got cockroaches climbing on me. Then, I get my package and think, "It REALLY does feel like there's a cockroach climbing on me."

So I put the package down and put my hand up my pants leg and pull out that GIGANTIC DISGUSTING cockroach!

I screams so loud, as did other people. Everyone was very nice and helped me calm down as I said over and over that I'm going to have a heart attack. In moments of distress I cannot even try to speak in Hebrew, and everyone was very nice speaking back in English, telling me to breathe. 

I suppose looking back it was sort of funny -- a room full of adults screaming about a cockroach. But it was very traumatic at the time.

I went to the mall as planned, but as I walked around the pharmacy looking for antibacterial wipes to clean my leg, I decided that what I really needed was a shower.

So I went home. 

So much for a focused, efficient work day at the mall.

I think I'll watch TV now.


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